Saturday, August 03, 2019

Is Your Fire System Up to Date?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), during 2011-15 there were an estimated 37,910 fires in industrial and manufacturing properties in the U.S. The fires caused $1.2 billion in property damage per year.

Are Fire Test System Inspections Required?

Yes, NFPA has codes and standards that can only be kept up by annual testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

When was the last time your fire system was inspected?

Quinlan Security Systems Can Help

Fire alarm systems need to be inspected annually. A thorough commercial fire test inspection is a service provided by Quinlan Security Systems. Our detailed checklist inspection includes both a visual and functional inspection including:
  • Checking equipment for physical damages
  • Testing the electrical components
  • Assuring connection with the monitoring stations

Smoke Alarms
All smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years. Quinlan Security Systems will test your smoke alarms as part of their Fire Test System check.

Once the inspection is complete, Quinlan submits the report to the appropriate compliance agency.

Call Quinlan today to have your fire system tested. Remember, it is required annually by the NFPA. Even if you are not a client of Quinlan, we will do a Fire Test Inspection. Call 708-478-0707 for your free security assessment.


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