Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Security System

If it’s been more than 3-5 years since you’ve had your security system evaluated, now may be the time to re-engage. Changes in technology, less reliance on landlines and the ability to integrate multiple systems can mean a significant increase in efficiency, mobile management and improved access control.

Many companies decide to upgrade their security system as a result of one of these issues:

  •             Old Technology
  •        Insufficient Systems
  •        Bad Design
  •        Lack of Service from Current Vendor
  •        Move into New Building
  •        Disgruntled Employee
  •        Getting Rid of Landline

Many older security systems do not communicate well with each other, and attempts to integrate them have been limited based on the technology level. The question really becomes whether it’s more efficient to add onto the current system or replace it completely. 

Better Monitoring Capabilities

Old security cameras can have blind spots, or frequent glitches that significantly lessen their effectiveness and leave you vulnerable to criminal activity. Installing new cameras in optimal locations increase your monitoring capabilities, decrease blind spots and increase your overall security.

Increased Control and Convenience

Improved card readers and access control systems allow you to monitor your security systems more   Monitoring and controlling these security aspects makes it easier to remotely manage your systems, which is a win for both you and your employees.
effectively both onsite and offsite. Being able to unlock and re-lock doors through a mobile security app allows improved security overall.

Save Time and Money Overall

Sometimes old systems can be effectively integrated with new cameras or other updated security features. The real question with these integrated systems is whether it is worth the money to integrate with a newer system instead of completely replacing the old system. The other question is whether this mixed system will deliver optimal quality once installed. We can give you the option that makes 
the most sense for you based on what you already have.

Another advantage of more recent technology is that it can be easier to use, reducing employee time and resources spent on training. Also, maintaining the most up to date security systems can also potentially reduce your insurance premiums or deductibles.

Deter Criminal Activity

The most important benefit of updating your security system is deterrent of criminal activity. Criminals look for outdated security systems with blind spots when choosing their target. Having more advanced technology systems stands out to criminals and can deter them from attacking your business.

If you have outdated security systems or questions about updating your security system, please contact Quinlan Security Systems for no-cost, complimentary assessment of your current system.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.