Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Where do You Start When Discussing a New Commercial Security System?

Evaluating a new or updated commercial security system can be very confusing because of all the options available. Speaking with different potential vendors can cause even more issues because of the variety in solutions that they offer. Internal discussions with top level staff can create more stress because everyone has a different perspective.

If you’re wondering how to evaluate your needs and the solutions, here are a couple simple steps you can take to determine your needs and priorities. Arming yourself with this information prior to discussions with outside vendors will make your decision process easier and outline the criteria for a successful security system.

1. What are my priorities?

We know that deterring crime, keeping workers compensation cases to a minimum, top quality security and peace of mind that it’s being handled are top of mind when making security decisions.  Beyond that, are there certain pieces of your system you want to have remote monitoring, better video surveillance, more flexibility with certain points of entry?

Now’s the time to start with a wish list of what you want in a new or updated security system. You can also start by noting the top problem areas or issues where you receive the most complaints.

2.  Do an evaluation of your current security system.

List out the good things that are covered in your current security system. Next, list out problem areas whether the technology, coverage or quality is falling short. Also, what’s the ease of use and training time required for new employees? These answers, paired with your wish list, are your starting point when talking to security systems. These requirements will help vendors list out the equipment and service that you would need.

      3.  Are there are upcoming changes, moves, additions to staff, equipment or anything else that’s going to change my requirements?

Since most companies grow and change over time, even if something is in the works for 1-2 years out, it should be considered in the security requirements for your system. Many security systems can be used for 3-5 years and more, considering the level of technology required for your system and how criminals or disgruntled employees will respond to those changes.

     4.  What’s your budget?

While we would all love to have the Cadillac of security systems, that always comes with a price tag. Discussing budget before, during and after initial discussions with potential security companies helps to set realistic expectations of what can be procured for your company.

Setting these expectations is important for both internal personnel (especially decision makers with no knowledge of security costs) as well as your potential vendors. Your vendors can then put together options that they know will work for your based within your price range.

If you’re still struggling with your requirements for a commercial security system, please reach out to us at 708-478-0707. We would be happy to set up a free assessment for you to determine what you need and a proposed solution.

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