Friday, September 28, 2018

3 Substantial Benefits to Cloud-Based Security Systems

As cloud-based systems have become more popular, there’s still some trepidation out there as to whether a cloud-based system is truly an advantage over your current onsite security system or locally managed security system. Here are 3 substantial benefits of cloud based security systems.

      1. Higher Quality Security

Most businesses don’t have the resources to implement or maintain the higher levels of security protocols. Cloud based systems offer a wide variety of options and standards that can generally be delivered better than an onsite or locally managed security system.

One major example of this is multi-factor authentication. This means multiple methods of   day, a complicated password and unique login may not be enough to truly protect your building and data.
verification for access. Since hacking becomes more effective every

An example of multi-factor authentication may be having a password, physical token, and fingerprint to login. This reduces the risk of ex-employees or un-authorized employees logging in.

Another example is remote administration via mobile devices. This includes mobile device based access credentials, so that the highest level of security is maintained with the added flexibility of your security staff accessing and monitoring the security system anywhere, anytime it’s warranted.

2.  Better Business Continuity.

Implementing and maintaining your security system online offers a much more robust business continuity plan than an onsite or locally managed security system. In a nutshell:
  • Less exposure to issues caused by hardware failure
  • Lower risk of data loss, due to hardware issues or hacking
  • Automatic off-site back up
  • Disaster recovery plan stored online
  • Increased uptime

With everything stored in the cloud, you have a much lower risk of data loss or disruption due to hardware failure, natural weather phenomenon or fire. Your liability is lower because everything is in the cloud.

With a cloud-based security system, your disaster recovery plan is stored in the cloud as well, so you know exactly where it is. It’s safe from fire, theft or any other onsite disruptions.

3Everyone and everything stays up to date.

With all employees using a cloud based security system, everyone is on the most up to date version of the software. There’s no cost for updating people, new software installations, etc.

Plus patch management is much more efficient. Patches are when the software company makes small improvements in a program or is patching a vulnerability that was discovered. With onsite security systems, an IT person would have to manually run the patch on each and every workstation. With cloud based security software, the patch is handled universally and by the software company. So no employee downtime or IT time required.

Cloud-Based Security System Consultation

If you’re considering a cloud-based security solution, Quinlan Security can help you determine the best fit for your company. Please contact us today to set up a complimentary security consultation.


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